1. Hangman

From the recording Hangman

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I can’t say when I first noticed him there.
So many times, I passed him by
The dusky courthouse square,
While I’d dream of a happier life.

All that changed,
In a wince of pain.
Into my rage and sorrow he came,
Looking for someone to blame.

Turned into the night, out of breath, and
Terrified your time is running out.
You’ll know what fear’s about!
He is coming for you!

He wasn’t done
With a sole conviction,
And so he’d come
To take my friends,
Ones I loved,
‘til he had us all…

Whispering in shame the awful truth
We realized, but no one ever spoke.
The shadow of his cloak
Hung above us like a doubt.
It’s my name he’s calling out!

Why leave me… scared and so alone?
He said: “My child,
You chose that outcome on your own.
Every time
You could have spoken for others in your life
You stood aside,
Hid your eyes,
And you let them go.”

I watched him ride alone, down the road,
Knowing how I let him take my soul.
Beneath the morning sky,
No one stood guiltier than I.