Finding the Balance

Finding the Balance

The second life of Băng Thị Bế

Genre: Docu-drama

Collaborators: Băng Thị Bế

Left with a rare and devastating disability following a motorcycle accident. a young dentist teaches herself to dance on one leg and inspires a nation by using her unique talent to win a prestigious beauty contest.

Happiness is a choice

I hired a private tutor to teach me how to read and write in Vietnamese so that I could study the television interviews Băng had given about her life.  I learned that she had made very many difficult choices in order to become the person she is. 

She chose to be grateful for her "second life" at a time when this life brought nothing but pain and uncertainty.  She chose to regain her independence before her wounds had even begun to heal.  She chose to quit mourning the loss of the person she used to be. She chose to express the unconventional beauty of her new body even when others disapproved.  She chose to help others even after her own society had all but abandoned her. By choosing to be happy in the very moments she had every reason not to be, Băng proved to me that happiness is a choice and not an outcome.

Fern Blossom

Fern Blossom

Genre: K-drama limited series

Collaborators: Korean, Latvian, Canadian co-production

After waking up from a 20-year coma, Hwa-Young is determined to restore her youth by traveling to Latvia to find a rare medicinal herb that only blooms at midnight on the summer solstice. 



Genre: Sci-Fi Horror

Collaborators: Durga Myakala

While investigating the mysterious death of a notorious computer hacker, Detective Riley Kavanaugh discovers traces of a deadly phone app capable of dissolving it's user's brain. Racing against the clock, she must trace the malicious code back to it's source and neutralize it before it goes viral.